Peach Girl Episode 13

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76 thoughts on “Peach Girl Episode 13

  1. this was the must pathetic, stupid, naive, elementary school, drama of all.;..lousy acting, i cant believe ppl get payed to write that… it was a mess… sorry being honest.

  2. [YT] sorry for writing so much. i just had to vent cuz its the end of the series and i LOVED IT!!! sorry too if ppl who haven’t seen the anime read my other two. sorry!

  3. [YT] but he didn’t actually. it was sae who helped them. SHE WAS A LOT NICER IN THE END OF THE SERIES of the anime. she and momo became true friends and hoped for her happiness

  4. [YT] YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! AH LI!!!!!!!!! <3333333 but i feel bad for dong si. i actually liked the way he let her go. in the anime, i was so pissed at him in the end!!!! he basically tried to rape her wen they went on a trip and wouldn't let her leave even tho ah li/kairi might kill himself cuz he loved xiao tao/momo so much

  5. [YT] aww, they make such a cute couple!! i personally like the anime/manga better, but i have to admit that the real version does put things into perspective. Either way, Peach girl rocks!! =]

    By the way, does anyone know the name of the song that starts playing at 1:40?

  6. [YT] The song is by Wang Lee Hom or Alexander Wang is his english name and the song is called (Ai De Joe Shi Ni) [Romantic version] translate it into english the song name is The Only One I Love.

  7. [YT] i knoe me 2!! im chinese as well. i lov vanness wu and peach girl. i never he was in this show after a bit started reading peach girl animae version. then i started watchin it. then i saw this peach girl. i freaked out. and started watchin it!!!

  8. [YT] in da end ah li got her and im happy yet still sad..hope dong si will find love too..o yea hows da manga ending is it da same i never finished

  9. [YT] though i like ah li to end up with xiao tao, i kinda feel sad for dong si. 🙁

    dong si’s only fault is that he was kinda stupid and slow. but imo, he did the bigger sacrifice. hooray for ah li and xiao tao though! 🙂

  10. [YT] I think the Japanese language is pretty and some of the names are pretty also. I just prefer Japanese language over Chinese even though I’m Chinese (I don’t know the language though because I’m adopted). The acting is kinda bad…I prefer the anime and manga over this live show.

  11. [YT] yeah its kinda based on the anime loosley. its really pretty different though.
    i mean they are both really good shows…i enjoyed them both-but they dont follow they exact same storyline.
    its good though

  12. [YT] why do they keep doing this. this was a japanese anime but why r chinese people playing the roles. they also did this with marmalade boy. I don’t have a problem with its just confusing!

  13. [YT] yippey im so happy that ah li’s hardwork is paid off nweiz dong si caused her so much trouble so i think its fair although i pity him but i think ah li deserves xia tao the most

  14. [YT] damn she cant end up with dong si even though he have to go out with the person he doesnt like for xao tao’s sake, ah li sacrificed his feelings for her and dong si she shouldnt end up with dong si…ah li is always there for her…she shouldnt end up with dong si…huhu^__^

  15. [YT] ooh i watched this show few years back on channel 8! i rmb it being the sunday 12-2pm slot or something lidat. LOL. liked this show alot. (: but that stupid biatch, spoils everything! ugh. lols. =x

  16. [YT] oh i know this is not the ending…symphonete…hook it up with ep. 7-the end. The other ones have been put on private usage only…so no one can get to them now. PLLLEEEAAASE! thanx

  17. [YT] you are kidding me, right? this is not the final episode. noooooooooooooo………is she gonna end up with dong si then?!!! noooooooo……this would be terrible!!! she is not supposed to end up with dong si!!! i know, i know, you’re kidding me. i get it. heh…heh…heh…
    f4 pride all the way.

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