Peach Girl Episode 08

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180 thoughts on “Peach Girl Episode 08

  1. [YT] This is the first time I’ve watched it and personally even though I read the manga first, then saw the anime… even I can’t wait for those two to get together. The drama around them when they get together is so much better! I hope they still include the older brother.

  2. [YT] although i really don’t lik dong shi i thought he was going to do the break up differently. i thought he would say lets break and then show xhao tao the phone, close the phone and say it didn’t mean anything. but no… and that is why i don’t like him. AH LI!!!!! fighting

  3. [YT] something bad should happen to sha hui, i think she went too far. even dao ming zhi’s mom (meteor garden villain) didn’t go as far as letting the heroine get raped or something like that.

  4. [YT] Ah Li is so sweet…. Just staying by her, not even trying to force her to talk, just keeping her company… (The light indirect kiss when she fell asleep was adorable as well). UGH, though… Ah Li is the only one with true sense in the entire show, except maybe the 3G

  5. [YT] DONG SI IS SO STUPID! He should tell her so they could break up, just do what they need to to keep Sha Hui from showing those pictures (within reason), and then get back together in secret!

  6. [YT] omg..Sha Hui’s angel costume doesnt fit her inside personality! her costume should be a DEVIL ONE! shes an EVIL! i dont know why she’s still living..she should be dead! or maybe feeling what Xiao Tao had gone to! SHES A FREKIN B*TCH!

  7. [YT] oh yeah great! thanks for giving it out! LMFAO! just kidding! my friend have seen this too and she told me Xiao Tao ended up with Ah Li! aww..that is sweet! oh umm..sorry for blowing it out again! [PEACE]

  8. [YT] but how about Ah Li? doesnt it hurt him everytime he see Xiao Tao with Dong Si? well..actually..Ah Li is way sweeter than Dong Si! like..whats so cool about DOng Si?

  9. [YT] i hate dat short-haired gurls guts!!! wat..? she gonna blackmail dong si wif da pics?!?! how desperate can a gurl be? i mean dong si luvs xiao tao soo much ….i really hate ha!

  10. [YT] Cuz she wanst him or she tyinks she does she thinks that having dong shi will make her happy..I`ve seen the anime and it ends well..i like the way it turns out

  11. [YT] KARMA!
    when is it ever gna hit Sha Hui
    she is just evil
    if i were Xiao Tao i would have never helped her i would have said “Go to hell you (BEEP)”
    But its just that Xiao Tao is too nice she should have slaped her harder so hard that she fell down and broke her nose so she cant model anymore!
    (not that she’s any good at all)

  12. [YT] Don’t you think in some scenes Tao looks alot like momo. Not every scenes but certain ones I know that suppose to be. But I think its cool. Momo really pretty! Tao too of course the actress.

  13. [YT] Wow, she doesn’t know when to just
    give it a rest..
    Would someone please shove a samurai sword through
    her body and just be done with it?
    When will she stop trying to ruin Xiao and Dong’s relationship?!

  14. [YT] Omg this is making me so sad,
    the sad parts are making me cry
    like when I see Xiao Tao cry I just feel
    like crying with her..
    Poor thing.
    Damn that bitch, Sha Hui to hell
    for doing this to her.
    I hope she pays for what she’s done!

  15. [YT] STUPID !$^$@!^ $#!^$ 36!^@$!^#$!^ !#$ DAMN IT!!!

    nooo… ah li… plz make things better for her… i want him to be with her so much, i enjoy hearing his kind words… he just watchs over her… he is too nice, makes me want to cry…

  16. [YT] arggh.i wanna strangle her so so badly.she is an evil witch.i kno this is so mean but i hope something bad happens to her in the end where she has to ask for forgiveness.

  17. [YT] lmao!! i think it’s really stupid that the answering machine when Xiao was calling, him said, “if you wanna leave a message, do so after the beep” then it said, “if you don’t want to leave a message…”… WELL OBVIOUSLY THEN YOU HANG UP!! lool, why would she give you the option? so random i know, but it was wierd…

  18. [YT] That Bitch HAs NO Life Whatsoever!!!! why did she choose to target Xiao?? I would Wring her neck & SLice her throat(not really, but ya know what i mean)… she’s probably the only REALLy convincing actor here. & Li, but it’s so funny how he’s always palaying with his hair!

  19. [YT] He couldnt tell her because Sae(using the anime names) would have just told the press because A shes like got the place wired and B if Xio Tao knew she’d get all up in her face about it and then mess the whole thing up

  20. [YT] in the manga and anime… Ah Li (kiley or kairi) is in love with the nurse. this made Xiao Tao (Momo) break up with him in the end and get with Dong Si (Touji) again

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