Peach Girl Episode 12

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152 thoughts on “Peach Girl Episode 12

  1. [YT] I don’t think it’s weird. She has to pick up others leftovers and make them stay for fear of blackmail she has no friends and in the end of this series will end up alone, revealed for the skank she is, and be dicarded by all who know her. and is obsessed with being the prettiest and cant function knowing she is not longer the fairest of them all I get what you mean!

  2. [YT] OHH!! i remember..the guy that always like to sing…hes also the guy from Meteor Garden! and yeah..the song is soo frekin sweet..i mean like..its soo sweet of Ah Li to sing her a song..coz like..eveybody in their school heard it!

  3. [YT] i dont think what mangamania said that being happy about Sha Hui is bad! coz she deserve all of this thing…this is called Karma! thats why i would never do such bad things!

  4. [YT] i get the story now! Ah Li is not really the father of Ah Cao Jie’s baby! he just wanted to be! well..thats kinda nice..i thought he was the real i was like..eek! hes scary! LMFAO:P XD XD XD

  5. [YT] NOOO…ew! dong si dont touch that icky evil girl… bleh! take a LONG bath after that…
    she has to… DIE ._.

    eh he. ah li is so cute. going all “PLEASE PLEASE >.<" i'm being mean... but i cant help it, i HATE her...

  6. [YT] anyone know where to GET the song he sang!!
    cuz i already know what song it is.

    “Ni Pu Ai Wo Ai Sei” translate in English: “If you don’t love me, then who else?” 🙂

    -thanks to aya040906

  7. [YT] gawh, such spoliers. 🙁

    yess i agree wit everyone
    why cant they stay together?!?!
    but u have to say you did see this coming.
    the story is for xiao and dong si to be.

    :/ nooo!

  8. [YT] i feel the same way, he tried to protect her
    but let her think of him in other way -not really tho-
    and in the processes she fell for other guy.

    but im glad is ah li. [:

  9. [YT] well if this ends up like the anime, ah li and xiao tao are going to end up together because dong si ended up to be a jacakss in the end… haha I KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN!! ^^ besides… ah li suits xiao tao more, they are so cute together ^^

  10. [YT] im watching because: 1. I love the Peach Girl anime and manga 2. Vanness is in it (this should be my number one reason ^_^) 3. Vaness is in it and 4. Vanness is in it… so yeah ^o^ (agreeing with mariamqwert) Vanness’ sexiness is what motivates the rest of us fangirls to continue watching O_O <33

  11. [YT] yes, vanness is the only reason I am watching because this drama strays WAY too far from the original storyline..Vanness makes it worth while though 🙂

  12. [YT] 1st rating and first comment!!!awesome!!wat the heck!!why did u tell about it!!?ah li and xiao tao are going to break up!!!ah li really suits him!!!not dong si!!

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