Peach Girl Episode 10

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166 thoughts on “Peach Girl Episode 10

  1. [YT] I love how Ah Li’s hair is always flipping around from the wind! hahaha!

    This is just getting sweeter and sweeter since Dong Si somewhat got out of the picture…(and Sha Hui)

  2. [YT] In the manga they kiss so much more, Kairi/Kiley/Ah Li is always stealing kisses from her. At one point she confesses that she likes them, even though she shouldn’t

  3. [YT] ummm sweetie. it is not cute to be braggin how you were AH LI ex-girlfriend THEN go and say you were also his Brothers Ex girlfriend, we call that HOEishness in the states

  4. [YT] this is kinda pissing me off. Why do people keep such SIMPLE secrets from Xiao tao. Like she not a weak person she will be fine. just tell her the truth so she doesnt have to go through all this drama. But then i wouldnt have a show to watch OK NM

  5. [YT] Ah Li you are the best. It takes a lot of guts for Xiao Tao to say what she said to him about her feelings and it takes a really strong guy that is willing to wait. wowsa

  6. [YT] It is so sad that someone as talented as Vanness had to leave America for him to appreciated. Sure he was featured in a RunDMC video but i can say he is 10x more talented then the morons that we have here, and yes he speaks perfect english. I want Vanness BACK IN AMERICA.!!!!

  7. [YT] err im american and i love this stuff.
    i didn’t much care for crouching tiger and that was only cuz i would always get to it at the end so i just gave up but i actually love subttile movies.
    My favorite is house of flying dagers.

  8. [YT] Ah Li, is sooo sweet
    Xiao Tao can’t have at least 5 mins of happiness with either Dong Si or Ah Li without someone ruining it.
    It’s either thatbitch Sha hui, or Ah Li’s ex.

  9. [YT] I laughed so hard when she hit him!! LMFAO
    How dare he mention her period?! O.O
    😮 what did Ah Li mean by that?
    Was Ah Cao Jie pregnant? Or did she lose a baby or something? Hmm maybe Ah Li and Ah Cao Jie had a past guess I have to wait for the next part..

  10. [YT] It’s so nice of Xiao to tell Ah Li the truth like that, saying she’s uncertain about her feelings, wow talk about honesty. And Ah Li is so sweet to understand and comfort her, even if she still loves Dong Si.

  11. [YT] D: i feel so bad for her. but this does have alot of drama. in the beginning there was so much that girl [i forgot her name that is now dongsi’s girlfriend] caused that it got on my nerves. now the drama is different and i like it this way. i hope she xiao ends up wit ah li in the end of the movie. 🙁 and not dongsi.. sorry to all the ds fans.

  12. [YT] okay.. im only posting cmts during the video.
    so i dont really know what happened…
    but is she prgnettt??? 0.o

    and sorry bout if there related or not cmt
    omg, ah li has a brother. lol

    what was the real reason that they broke up
    -the nurse and ahli’s brother..
    i guess ill find out in the next ep ?? 0.o

  13. [YT] ‘How do you feel today?’

    and her reply was… it’s really blurred, but I think she said ‘Very busy… What are you doing now?’

    And I think (really blurred) his reply was: ‘I love you, miss me?’

    lol. ^.^

  14. [YT] I’m Canadian and i love ANYTHING!! Hollywood, Bollywood(sometimes better than hollywood), and anime and asian drama(THE BEST). i don’t care about subs, i just wanna understand whats goin on 🙂

  15. [YT] i think it’s good that xiao tao told him she was uncertain about her feelings. Shes finally being honest with her feelings. And Ah li is so sweet to comfort her even if she does still love dong si.

  16. [YT] If you will notice I put ‘look like us’ in quotations, meaning what most American people seem to think you have to look like to be on tv. For the most part, white, and cut from the same cookie cutter mold as the rest of the people on tv and movies. Not too dark, no slant to the eyes, no character.

  17. [YT] i think part of the problem is cultural. americans don’t like to read and most of them hate subtitles. even when a film like crouching tiger comes out, ppl complain about the subtitles. the other thing is that americans tend to like easy. having to think and translate the culture into american is hard work. you have to some research, etc. the third big thing is that media in america is still very white. being asian and in tv is difficult. we are starting to see more and more gain recognition.

  18. [YT] Great!! I have tried to get my friends and family on board with it but no one is interested so far. In fact they are all downright hostile about it. Maybe one day. I figure if I can convert enough people maybe we can actually have a market for it one day! I know I’m dreaming.

  19. [YT] i think the reason y is because most taiwanese actresses/actors play in dramas n most americans dont give a crap about other ppl problems unless it is related to them in a way so they dont watch azn dramas since it is like watching other ppl dealing with their problems. n since they dont watch azn dramas, most of them dont kno about azn celebrities.

    Ah Li: Xiao Tao, heard that today you disharge your eggs(as referring to her period)

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