When Love Walked In Episode 09

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12 thoughts on “When Love Walked In Episode 09

  1. if i were  ya  yin i  wouldnt   beg  my  grandpa  to   cancel  the   demanda  to  them  ,  her  aunt   is such  a cold    digger , and  her  cousin is  such  a bitch  and   vile

  2. I noticed, if they switched the characters around, like Yayin was played by the Yue Ru girl, and Yue Ru girl playing the character of Yayin, the drama won’t be as good.. or it’s just me…

  3. why is that annoying brat blaming her mom when she wanted to do it too?!? and why is she saying how ya ying has all the good things in life when she’s acting like she has nothing? she makes me so mad. -_-

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