When Love Walked In Episode 15

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31 thoughts on “When Love Walked In Episode 15

  1. wtf the more i watch the more i want to slap yu ru right in the face why does she always have to be so evil and fake? can’t she just do something right for once ugh…. and yu ru claims to like yu jiang but she uses all these fake methods to get to him wtf………

  2. yu  qiang  is so  vile  .  why did  he   deceive  qiong  that  he  likes   her  but   definitely  he  is in love  with   ya  yin ,  he  deserves that  punch  in the   face 

  3. OMG… this drama is super tedious. Can’t stand Yu Ru, not just her character but her face, her lips and her bust is so disproportionate

  4. damn you Yu Ru, Ya Yin didn’t steal anything from you !!  It is because everything is meant to be Ya Yin’s !! you are the one who steals people belongings,like say Ya Yin’s grandpa & now you are trying to steal her childhood friend Yu Jiang(her future husband) !! totally fake freak Yu Ru,hate you !!

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