When Love Walked In Episode 19

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25 thoughts on “When Love Walked In Episode 19

  1. where can i find the upload with eng substitle pleaseeeeeeeeeee… its already completed here but htere is no substitle 🙁 totally dont understand…. pls share.. thanks

  2. I don’t get why everyone is complaining about a kiss. This is the first time that Victoria had an actual kiss and I know shes not good at it but give the girl a break, I bet in the future she will be better but as for now lets just enjoy the drama while it is and be happy that Victoria is trying out acting. ^_^


  3. the  kiss  is  so  ugly  , she   is not   kissing back  and  calvin   is   not  a good kisser  ,   they  hug each  other   very   sweet  .  yu   jiang   friends  make  a plan that  they   will   admit   their   feelings  to  each   other  .   the  reason why   qiong  didnt   accept   the     marriage    proposal   of  yu jiang  bec  she know that   he   dont   feel   the same   way   too 

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