When Love Walked In Episode 22

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33 thoughts on “When Love Walked In Episode 22

  1. the   punch   he got   he  deserved  it   for  breaking    ya yin  heart  ,  if i were  yayin  i would  spank  my cousin  and  yu  jiang  for betraying  me  .  yu  jiang  is such  a  jerk  for   breaking   ya yin  heart  ,  she  is  so  nice  lady

  2. Damn hate tt Chen Yu Ru, thick skinned bitch. Her side profile really disgusting her breast seem to be out of shape LOL! … Hopefully Qing Feng faster exposed her tricks, only Qing Feng can do it…. Bitch separate the best couple, Yu Jiang & Ya Yin.
    Ya Yin jiayou don’t be soft hearted.

  3. CHEN YU RU IS A B!TCH. Using all kinds of method to get what she wants.. == hate her.
    Her lips makes her look like a DUCK. An evil DUCK.

  4. okay, to lighten up the mood, i GOT to say this.. but the scene where Calvin is hugging Zhou mi and his sister.. he hugs them both, but I find it super hilarious that he keeps rubbing his finger on Zhou Mi’s back… He plays the part where he needs the help so he’s crying, so why is he patting/rubbing the other person’s back???? HAHAHAH.. FUNNY~!!!! 😀

    • YES!!! precisely!!! hate her 100%!!! what to say…hmz…she acted totally like a b****!!! the acts of a B**** totally match her face very well….i kind of pity the actor…haizzzzzzzzzzz

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