Peach Girl Episode 01

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177 thoughts on “Peach Girl Episode 01

  1. only watching this show cuz vanness is in it!! =P so cuuuutteee love him! vanness all the wayy!! but the quality is not that good =/

  2. [YT] Oh man!!! An loving this show….And now I am begining to see they love Chayanne music…This is the second song on a Chinese show I heard…cool..Man I am so proud of my latino heritage is not even funny and seen others love it too makes me happy…Go Chayanne, You rock man!!

  3. [YT] Why isn’t her skin darker? That’s what makes some of the hatred and misunderstandings that she’s a slut arises! Still, so far, I like this better than the anime! Also, this actress is really cute once you get used to her X3

  4. [YT] i love this show.though i like the anime better!! it’s cool for them to make it a live tv show:) i love when they do that.why don’t they do that to all anime’s. oh yeah cause a lot of anime’s are to crazy and don’t have simpaler things that we do in life.

  5. [YT] grr whats her face!! sha hui (Sae) is such a bitch.. grr can’t stand people like her, they annoy me to a great extent >.>+ dude if i was xiao tao i would’ve seen right through her… it’s so easy to tell that people like that don’t just suddenly be nice… it just doesn’t happen unless its some sort of miracle >.>

  6. [YT] ok so maybe sha hui’s not as ugly as i thought… im just expecting her to do what Sae is expected to do… be a bitch and spread nasty rumors and have everyone under mind control and blargh someone PUNCH HER before it happens!! Xiao Tao (Momo) is cute though i like her O_O i would be her friend too lol… then again with me being wierd, i’d probably go up to her at random and try to befriend her in a what she would find “strange” way lol cant help the randomness

  7. [YT] Yeah but they leave out important parts that have to do WITH the story. I understand it doesn’t have to follow it word by word but when you take out important parts that it almost changes the story in a different direction. Momo is supposue to be a little dark. It’s gets her into trouble alot and people always assume she was a slut or whatever because of her dark skin. That’s an important part of the story.

  8. [YT] I think it’s a lot better if you watch the live action before you watch the anime. I watched Nana, the anime one, and then the live action, and it was akward, lol. So I decided to watch the live of Peach Girl and then the anime. :D.

    And thank you, Sym, for the Drama’s, I really like them and I wished they showed them on American T.V., since they are a lot better than Soap Opera’s.

  9. [YT] That was my first thought too! Or they could have given the girl a tan. It’s not that hard to get and the fake ones don’t last forever! Come on at least TRY to make it like the anime/manga!

  10. [YT] cough, aint Xiao Tao just lying to him to make him get off her case? no ‘guy’ lifeguard would wear a bathing suit… cuz you see the person’s back when they bent down to do CPR. lolz.

  11. [YT] This whole episode was so funny lol I like it! the parts with A Li and Xiao Tao lol A Li’s so funny!:) I <3 Him:D is his brother going to me in this series? Ryo? or (Some other name) Lol I guess I'll just have to watch!

  12. [YT] what a cute and funny blooper…Xiao Tao was wearing sunnies when she sat on the chair by the pool, but after she turned the chair to avoid A Li, all the sudden her sunnies is gone (and there’s no hand movement towards her face after she turned the chair)…hehe.. ^-^

  13. [YT] *nods* thats right. Japan is the same way, and i think a lot of other asian schools are. middle school there roughly translates to high school here, high school to university, etc. “real” college is grad school i think

  14. [YT] poor girl gettin snubbed like that on the first day of school… *winces* gotta hurt. all cuz of an accident and jealousy >_< ugh. and Sha Hui is dang good in her role. shes even better at deception than her japaneses counterpart IMO

  15. [YT] “beautiful mistake”..i liked that =] that short girl is so ugly..grr..she looks old for some reason… and i wonder if its vanness wu singing that “peach girl thing” song?… its funny how hes playing basketball… cuz everyone knows hes good at it… =]

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