Peach Girl Episode 03

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187 thoughts on “Peach Girl Episode 03

  1. [YT] I watched this for 5 minutes(including skipping) and then went to the anime…all I can say is….lolololoololololollololoololololoolloloollolololloloolololoooooolololololololoololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololl

  2. [YT] Lol i think it was a big change for me since i was watching the anime which was in Japanese and changing to watch the live action in Chinese.
    I personally think the anime grasps my attention more than the live action.

  3. [YT] honestly, i hate live actions. usually, they r horrible actors. they are so fake and they sometimes try to over do it because anime is so dramatic. but, they just cant pull it off. they look and sound like they are trying too hard to sound and look the way they r suppose to. its annoying. please pple, dont trash me. i’m only stating my opinion.

  4. [YT] dong si + xiao tao are so gullibleeeeee LOL
    like wtf why would dong si even let sha hui kiss him in the first place
    and xiao tao believed sha huis stupid stories
    LOL.. theyre idiots >_>

    and sha huis worse.. she’s a freaking biiiitchhh

    ah li ftw

  5. [YT] they are in colleg so they dont need to
    well at least i think its like that but its a little bit confusing beceause i think in the anime they are in high school, but i am not sure either

  6. [YT] This is cool! I love the anime! I think these actors did alright… although… they could’ve looked around for some other ones! =) Just a thought!! Still like it though! =)

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  10. [YT] Ok she felll so then SWEEP HER DIRTY ASS OUT THE DOOR. With the Dumbass Dong Si Please.!! I swear ( and i know this is TV) but damn do you have to make a character SO DUMB???

  11. [YT] yeah, but she comes back from her dumbness faster than Dong Si. I mean he actually had to hear and see how mean Sha Hui really was and all Xiao Tao had was her putting up that huge i love Ah Li poster and she didn’t trust her anymore

  12. [YT] this is why xiao tao is so stupid.. instead of telling dong si why she wasnt able to visit in the hospital, she resorts to this. ah li even bought her time to explain by dragging sha hui out.

  13. [YT] Actually, Xia Tao was as dumb as Dong Si. Like, why dont she just confront Dong Si then and there and tell him what Sha Hui has been telling her (lies).. like they have a relationship/Dong Shi wanted to have sex with her/Dong Shi is two timing her.

    Thing is, Xiao Tao is as easily fooled by Sha Hui so I really won’t consider her “smart”. ;p

  14. [YT] the girl, [no offense] but she doesn’t look so appealing for me.

    but that’s okay.

    she’s pretty but not that pretty.
    get what i’m saying?
    haha never mind.

  15. [YT] Lol x) That’s be funny if it was only the first floor she was trying to jump out of! XD It’d be like, “But this is only the first floor!” “Uhm…er…oh.” XDD

  16. [YT] Apologies for me taking it the wrong way then.
    I like Vaness as well, he does wonders for his parts in other shows. I didn’t think the acting here was great or amazing, but it does get it across well enough.

  17. [YT] no that’s not what i meant,it’s just that they’re acting isn’t all that realastic, but yeahh i didn’t mean it was based on looks it’s just that im a big fan of vanness :] so yeahh dont take it the wrong way.


    A li/Kairi was he one in the anime, but I don’t know how differnt the storyline is in the live action version…


  19. [YT] So it’s bad because you don’t think the actors and actresses look good? o_o; That’s a pretty sad base for rating a show, movie, book, anything actually. Except a beauty pagent.

  20. [YT] Xiao Tao
    should move on
    but its just that shes too nice
    she dont know how to defend hersalf she just takes the fall of other ppl.

  21. [YT] Does she even need to choose? A Li is so much better than Dong Si! Honestly, Dong Si is an absolute idiot! He’s nothing but looks… he doesn’t even have looks.

  22. [YT] omg dong si is cute and all but he kinda sounds like a little boy or a perverted old dude lookin 4 little kids like da one off a family guy lol. srry if i offended anyone its wat i think

  23. [YT] It’s because Sha Hui doesn’t like anyone being happier than herself. She’s jealous that Xiao Tao seems so happy and the school’s two hottest guys like her.
    Plus she’s just mean. xP

  24. [YT] I think this is one of the worst Taiwanese drama’s i’ve seen except for Ah Li <33 LOVE YOU!! and that guy umm...Xaio Tao girls,boyfriend is just someone that looks like Vic Zhou but uglier!! =/ LOVE YOU VENNESSE!!=D <3

  25. [YT] Dong Si is such a rediculous idiot. Anyone can see through that witch. =\ This drama is lame because they made her too obvious. They’re making Dong Si look like a complete jack—

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